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Please don’t take that to mean that I am cheering couples on into divorcing; I’m not.

No one should rush into divorce — except those whose lives are at risk — especially if you have kids.

If nothing else, all this focus on marriage lately — from Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage to all the articles predicting the death of the institution of marriage and the political emphasis on “traditional marriage” — might make more people really, really think about why they want to get married.

That’s exactly what Susan Pease Gadoua hope to do with our book, Although I didn’t expect to be divorced, a lot of really good things have happened because of it; I learned a lot.

That said, I’ve met so many divorced people on both ends of the spectrum: the ones who are married again four minutes after their divorce is final, and those who are affected so much by the divorce, that they have resigned themselves to the fact that they wish to remain single for the rest of their lives.

The ones who sprint back to the altar: I’m making a bold statement here, so if you are offended I apologize. I can’t stomach the fact that some people are planning their second (or third) weddings when the ink of their divorce decree is barely dry.

Because sooner or later it will catch up with her.’”It has caught up with me.

There is no way to generalize how divorced people feel when it comes to the decision to remarry.

Every divorced person feels differently about second marriages.

we’d be married forever when we wed (even if I didn’t say “till death do us part” but then again I didn’t say I’d obey, either).

Nine-plus years into my second divorce, I have been thinking about marriage — I got married, clarifying just why I wanted to get married, but it’s best not to live in regrets.

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