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The film is not in any way associated with Houston's estate, a spokesperson told Billboard after the network's announcement.BBC Controller of TV Channels, Charlotte Moore, said she is working to give BBC Two -- the channel on which the Houston doc will air -- "a much greater sense of identity," moving forward, making it the flagship channel for contemporary arts, music and documentaries.But Houston’s story is more than a tale of riches squandered.Along with Michael Jackson, she was one of the first African-American performers to appeal to both white and black audiences.

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Even though she is unwilling to talk to Broomfield directly, he manages to uncover some entertaining but never exploitative revelations from people around her.

His , Broomfield speculated Suge Knight of Death Row Records played a role in both late rappers' violent deaths.

Whitney Houston, arguably one of the most successful female singers of all time, died in February 2012 at 48 years old.

Nick Broomfield's documentaries are characterized by fearlessness, social satire, dark humor, boundless chutzpah, and unforgettably creepy characters living in the margins of society.

But mostly, they're distinguished by Broomfield's deadpan voice, faux-naïve persona, and ubiquitous microphone.

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    The film is not in any way associated with Houston's estate, a spokesperson told Billboard after the network's announcement.

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