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This is because the project uses junit, but the project's .classpath file doesn't contain an entry for the junit dependency yet.The mytest project is shown here with the red x icons indicating that there are problems with the project. The maven SW "eclipse:eclipse" goal will download any necessary dependencies and will update our project's .classpath to include these dependencies.The update sites are specified at the following url: you can't use m2e 1.5.0 for any reason, then : I had to try this twice to get it to work.The first time I tried it the "var" crept back into the .classpath file.You specify the version to update to via the new Version property, for example svn co enforcer A enforcer/maven-enforcer-plugin [...] A enforcer/enforcer-rules/U enforcer Checked out revision 778424.mvn versions:set -Dnew Version=2.0.0-SNAPSHOT -f enforcer/[INFO] Scanning for projects...In other tutorials, we created a maven project called "mytest" and imported it into Eclipse.

Figure 7.1, “Manually Adding a Dependency to the Project's POM” shows how I added a dependency for into the query field, m2eclipse queries the repository indexes and even shows a version of the artifact that is currently in my local Maven repository.

I clicked the New button and created the M2_REPO classpath variable and pointed it to my local maven repository.

The new M2_REPO classpath variable can be seen here.

Run the maven update then instrument for code coverage again.

Update Dependencies the error still pops up but the issue is resolved.

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