Bc and ad dating system

The word “Common” in both instances refers to the date employed by the most commonly used calendar system, the Gregorian Calendar.The years are the same, only the designations are different.This was the case when Dionysius Exiguus set out to create a calendar showing the correct dates of Easter.His primary option at the time was to base his years on the emperor Diocletian who had persecuted Christians nearly 250 years before.

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And I have spent far too much time on Wikipedia changing BCs and ADs back to BCEs and CEs.In part 2, we explored the development of various calendar systems within the political and historical context of the major nations during Biblical times and the early church period.In part 3, we look at the origin and the eventual acceptance of our modern BC-AD ( Throughout the previous parts of this article, we’ve dated most events using the “BC” year designation.However, it is time for this battle to end; Christians should leave behind the BC/AD labels and adopt the BCE/CE dating system for all calendrical references.Christians have offered many reasons for maintaining the BC/AD system.

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