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It's like saying 'hello' when you pick up the phone: If someone says hello back, you start a conversation, and if they don't, you hang up and redial. To ping Google from a Mac: Open Applications Terminal. A valid home IP address will probably start with 192.168.x.x.

If it starts with 169.x.x.x, then there's a problem with your router.

ADULT, one of the newest domains dedicated to the adult industry online.We urge you to investigate to see whether the domain name you select or its use infringes legal rights of others, and in particular we suggest you seek advice of competent counsel.You may wish to consider seeking one or more trademark registrations in connection with your domain name.This guide will work for all internet connection problems of all types. If you connect with cable or a fibre-optic package, stop at Step 5. A valid home IP address should start with '192.something'. To find your IP address on a Mac: Open System Preferences Network.For ADSL connections, the entire guide should help ensure you've accurately diagnosed the problem. Make sure it's definitely broken If a page you're trying to reach isn't loading, try some other web pages, ideally using a different browser. If it says "reply from" followed by some numbers (most likely 'reply from'), then your internet is working. If so, plug your laptop directly into the router using a cable. Assuming you can, it's your wireless settings that you need to look at. If you're connected to the internet, your IP address should be listed under the status.

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