Matrix 2016 updating the triz contradiction matrix

By performing analysis on tens of thousands of patents, Altshuller was able to distill a systematic approach for understanding and defining challenging problems into 40 core principles.Further to this, he was able to identify the challenges - challenges which often sit in opposition to one another and build a matrix of generic solution-sets that would balance the needs of the two challenges: this is what TRIZ defined as a contradiction, and this defines the 'contradictions' matrix.

Interactive version of the TRIZ contradictions matrix can be found here: article is an excellent introduction to the concepts and histroy behind TRIZ.It covers TRIZ in a systems engineering framework and addresses related concepts such as Axiomatic Design. Technological innovation requires some prediction of where technology will evolve towards.TRIZ is a problem-solving and forecasting tool developed in 1946 by the Soviet inventor Genrich Altshuller.The tool is derived from the study of patterns of invention in patent literature.

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