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If these women traveled to a nearby town, the same urban restrictions would have applied to them.Another loss was for those whom the employed women served.Demeaning and damaging, the widespread subculture of paedophilia in Afghanistan constitutes one of the most egregious ongoing violations of human rights in the world.The adolescent boys who are groomed for sexual relationships with older men are bought — or, in some instances, kidnapped — from their families and thrust into a world which strips them of their masculine identity.With the looming withdrawal of Nato troops and a persistent insurgent threat, Afghanistan is in a precarious position.Innumerable tragedies have beleaguered rural Afghans throughout the past decades of conflict — perpetual violence, oppression of women, and crushing poverty have all contributed to the Hobbesian nature of life in the Afghan countryside.Four Afghan asylum seekers have been arrested over claims that they sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl in a public swimming pool.The youths, aged 14 to 17, are alleged to have attacked the girl while they were on a supervised visit to a leisure centre.

But other times it might mean jumping in and running for a particular office -- especially those offices where the decisions are made.

It's all new for Kia fans with competition like the Toyota Prius Hatchback, Ford C-Max Hybrid Wagon and the Toyota Rav 4 SUV.

President Donald Trump should terminate the co-belligerency of the United States with Somalia in its war against Al Shabab.

This phenomenon presents a system of gender reversal in Afghanistan.

Whereas rural Pashtun culture remains largely misogynistic and male-dominated due to deeply-ingrained Islamic values, teenage boys have become the objects of lustful attraction and romance for some of the most powerful men in the Afghan countryside.

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