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Even I, a neurosurgeon who has spent much of my career looking at brains, learned a lot.This is an informative and fun read for anyone who has ever experienced the madness of love or hopes to one day. Board Certified Neurosurgeon, Chicago Awarded “Top Doctor in Neurological Surgery” in Chicago, four times Awarded “Chicago Metro Area Top doctors” Awarded “Raymond Zbick Award”, University of Illinois College of Medicine Awarded twice “Outstanding Care Award”, University of Illinois Hospital is the most comprehensive and effective life skills book I have ever seen.With that kind of experience, you know to beware the perfect profiles on dating apps; there’s nothing worse than finding out that Mr Darcy-a-like is a butterfly-phobic bolter after all.It is the sad truth in this age of hipsters that it’s really quite hard to find a man without a beard and even harder to find one who can pull one off with panache.Perhaps by introducing the realism of science into Hollywood fantasy of romance, he will help more couples achieve True Love” Matthew J. If you are interested in understanding the reality of love, I strongly recommend this book for you.

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It combines scientific fact with anecdotes and personal experiences.An insightful and compelling book about the most complex emotion. Deborah Carman Artist / Author Faux Paw Productions Laguna Beach Amazon Reviews February 27, 2017 was that it would be written like a doctoral thesis with scientific terms and talk of brain chemicals that would bore me silly. Anyone who’s been in love, has fallen out of love and/or is looking for love will find Dr. Nour takes our understanding of this mysterious and universally important subject to a deeper level.He explains the complex neuroanatomy and neurochemistry involved in the stages of love in clear prose and understandable analogies.The person that is ready to begin dating may not want to get right into a relationship.They will tend to take extra time to ensure their partner is honest and free of legal commitments.

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