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I played with myself before I arrived…getting totally hot and bothered.Holdenpaedia Recent Changes Main Page / Reaper HRReaper HR / Reaper HRBedford TK / TBedford TK / TBedford TK / TBedford TK / TBedford TK / TBedford TK / TFile: IMG 7688.JPG / T3 Speed Crash Gearbox / TFile: Aligning / TTrimatic Index / TTrimatic Oil Leaks / TTrimatic Oil Leaks / TTrimatic Oper Traps / TTrimatic Powerglide Interchangeable Parts / TGrey Motor Trimatic / TGrey Motor Trimatic / TTrimatic Selector Conversion / TTrimatic Starter Plate / TTrimatic 6 to V8 Conversion / TTrimatic V8 to 6 Conversion / TTrimatic Servicing / TTrimatic Specs / TTrimatic Torque Converters / TTrimatic T-Bar / TTrimatic Towing / TTrimatic Types / TTrimatic Modulator / TTrimatic Traps / TTrimatic Traps / TTrimatic Kickdown / TTrimatic Index / TTrimatic Flareup / TTrimatic Faults / TEST Trimatic / TTrimatic Efficiency / TTrimatic Selector Shafts / TTrimatic Selector Shafts / TTrimatic Selector Shafts / TI would like some opinions regarding a Torana 308 block I'm thinking of selling.It has is a legit genuine HT prefix engine number [not someone's re-stamp] it's date code is 18 H 7, to me this means its a 18 August 1977 casting, so LX SLR 5000 or SS 5L and the good thing is it's a standard bore.Both heads have a cast number of 2812174, they appear to have larger than standard valves. Thanks Mal Hi All I'm getting really frustrated with getting my brakes working the way they should ,can someone please advise .

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