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The justice system takes over and the case proceeds through court. The district’s web page on Title IX doesn’t mention anything about sexual harassment or abuse, and district officials don’t maintain a list of compliance officers at schools. Green Valley was one of seven schools that employed 48-year-old Kelly Hoffman as a substitute teacher.

Most people think of Title IX only as applying to gender discrimination in athletics, but the federal law also bans sexual harassment and abuse in schools and requires every school to have a person on staff to make sure the law is being enforced. In an informational guide the Clark County School District sent to parents, the only mention of Title IX is an assurance that the district doesn’t discriminate. We don’t discriminate.” After five minutes on hold, she returned with the name of the assistant principal.

All programs, activities, supplies and medical care are provided at no charge to students.

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Either way – at some point you have to go through starting at a new school.

Our aim is to inspire in our girls the attributes, skills and values which will enable them to make informed choices, become responsible and principled citizens, enjoy successful careers and achieve personal fulfilment.

We understand that the best learning takes place when girls feel cherished, understood and secure.

I can't let this arrogance just blossom."What got Caroline to this Sopranos-esque version of parental guidance were the backwards views about women that her 11-year-old had started spouting, picked up at his all-boys school in Sydney."My son was saying to me in the car the other day, 'Ah, Mum, I'm going to tell you something about 'man's logic and women's logic'.' It turns out to be this stereotype, that men are organised and logical, and women are flighty and silly."She attributes this to his complete segregation from girls during the school day."There's no like meeting of the minds [between girls and boys] and sitting in the classroom and discussing issues, or topics, and getting a wide of point of view," Caroline says."They're only getting that male input; their leadership role models are male.

It's all on my shoulders to bring up these men to be good feminists and respectful of women and not to think that just because they're men they rule the world."Caroline's conundrum is finally entering the national spotlight thanks to the burgeoning trend of single-sex schools in Australia converting into co-educational schools, and the recent announcement, by one all-boys school principal, that co-education is necessary for teaching people mutual respect."I have a growing suspicion that the way Australian culture is expressing itself, and it's not only boys' schools promoting machismo, but the lack of awareness informed through another experience is diminishing some of our young people as they move through to university, and they are missing opportunities to learn respect," Phillip Heath, principal of historic all-boys school Barker College, recently told The Sydney Morning Herald.

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