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I'm excited, because the live connection with the audience and being able to look into their eyes and look back at their cell phones looking at me, going, 'You're going to be on You Tube in five minutes! And despite the evolving music industry and its many financial challenges, Ru will continue to "work it" for years to come."There's not a lot of money to be made in music right now. "Catch "Ru Paul's Drag Race" Mondays a 9 PM on Logo. It's very tough because everybody just downloads it for free," he explained. With a personality as over-the-top as Ru Paul‘s, the last place you might expect him to be settling down is Wyoming, the least populous state in the nation. As you get older, you realize that sort of the form that relationships take on, ones you grew up with, you grow out of that. He is my partner for life, but if I need to have burnt toast with another gentleman other than Jimmy and Judge Judy, then so be it.” ‘s head-queen-in-charge seems to treasure time away in Wyoming with the partner. (About as many people live there as on Staten Island.)“There’s a man… We split up, but we’ve never really quite split up. Raja entered the Drag Race workroom dressed in club attire and wearing a beanie that had a giant cyclops eye on it.Highlights include wins in the first mini challenge and main challenge of the season, impersonating Tyra Banks, winning the cake couture challenge, and winning the Ru Paul-apalooza challenge..Ru Paul is the queen of all drag queens, but many of his fans might not know that that he has a king in his court - someone he calls his "partner for life."Ru stopped by Access Hollywood recently and chatted with Kit Hoover about the loves of his life, which include "Judge Judy," burnt toast, a special someone named Jimmy and an unidentified partner.

His clientele has included several celebrities including Pamela Anderson, Tyra Banks, Dita Von Teese, Paulina Porizkova, Iman, and Twiggy.

Since 2009, Amrull has been make-up artist to singer Adam Lambert for print media, live U. appearances and Lambert's international 2010 Glam Nation Tour.

Presenting his drag alter-ego Raja, Amrull auditioned for the third season of the reality program, which included an endorsement from Adam Lambert on his audition video.

He wrote the following message: "Thank you all for the love & kindness.

'I cry not for myself, but for those who never felt the joy we felt'~The Supremes 'I Hear A Symphony.'" Congratulations once again! Ru Paul confirmed Wednesday that he married his longtime partner, Georges Le Bar, in January."I've never said this on television before: we .

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