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READ: One in four teenagers 'send sexual text messages' Daniels said that girls and young women are now in a “no-win” situation.If they post a posed, or 'sexy', picture online they risk a negative reaction from their friends.But to find out who they were, investigators will have to subpoena Facebook and would need to "prove a nexus to criminal activity".Facebook spokesperson Andrea Saul said she had no specific comment on the Chicago incident but the company takes its "responsibility to keep people safe on Facebook very seriously." She added: "Crimes like this are hideous and we do not allow that kind of content on Facebook." Jeffrey Urdangen, a professor at Northwestern University's law school and the director of the school's Center for Criminal Defense, said it isn't illegal to watch such a video or to not report it to the police.

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Astha Agarwal had no inkling back in 2009 when she signed up as a user on Facebook that she would one day get an offer from the social networking company.He also said child pornography charges wouldn't apply unless viewers were downloading the video.It is the second time in months that the department has investigated an apparent attack that was streamed live on Facebook.But if they post a conservative one, they face alienating their male peers.The study, which was published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture, was conducted by creating two mock Facebook profiles for a fictitious woman: 20-year-old Amanda Johnson.

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