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I was a cheerleader in college, so I have managed to maintain a pretty healthy lifestyle and a what I would consider, a reasonable great physique. I folded my arms and slipped my fingers under the edges of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head, baring my 38 c cup breasts to him.I have dated quite a few guys – and only once experimented with another girl. I tossed my shirt to the side and ginger-teased my rock hard nipples as I bit down on my lower lip in anticipation. You're fed up with your spouse, so you start chatting with that attractive person of the opposite sex in the next cubicle.You've known him for years, and it's so easy to talk. Pretty soon you're sharing intimate problems, and now the co-worker is telling you how hard you have it. and maybe the two of you should go out to lunch to talk more about it all.There's no doubt about it, the office cubicle is indeed a strange bird.

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), ogled nonstop by coffee-guzzlers with weak bladders? You can utter a quiet "Hi" in passing, but don't hunker down for a long chat.

A polite hello is fine a couple of times a day but every time you go to the pantry for a caffeine fix? Trying to get work done with people breezing by unannounced from nine to five can be an unwelcome talk, make sure it's not insipid. A nice chicken curry or a Filet O'Fish Sandwich is fine to chow down on outside of the office but don't make the mistake of bringing it back to your place. Keep your private conversations private, especially medical ones.

You shouldn't make eye contact with the cubicle inhabitant unless you have actual business with them.

Can you imagine how exasperating it is being in the box right near the john or the kitchen (I was!

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