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Guest cast: Stephen Hoyle, Amanda Fairclough, Tracey Briggs, Lisa Marie Boucher, Vicki Lee Taylor, Sharon Muircroft, Tony Turner, Billy Fane, Gilian Cally Tricia turns to Mike for support as she faces disciplinary action for supplying the contraceptive pill to teenage girls, and a reporter fishing for dirt on the controversial story causes further trouble for the village doctor, while Carl Lomax escapes from custody after he is charged for the attack on Ashfordly Police Station, and goes on the run with his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Vernon plans to bring the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to Aidensfield when he purchases some second hand slot machines, which prove to be quite a success in the Aidensfield Arms.

Guest cast: Stephen Hoyle, Colin Waite, Peter Gunn, Bill Moores, Vicki Lee Taylor, John Lloyd Fillingham, Tony Turner, Sharon Muircroft, Gilian Cally An MI5 agent arrives in Aidensfield and shows more than just a passing interest in the activities of Vernon and his new business partner, a shady Russian businessman with a past grievance with the entrepreneur.

Meanwhile, Tricia treats a manic depressive who deals with his demons by walking onto railway lines, whilst Mike decides to sit his sergeants exam when he comes across an old friend whose career has been a lot more ambitious than his.

The first series broadcast on a Friday, 372 episodes of Heartbeat have aired, which includes 9 Christmas episodes.

Ashfordly Police Station is targeted in a series of violent attacks ahead of an inspection, putting one of the officer's lives at risk and causing a panicked Craddock to take matters into his own hands.

With vision and determination he has steered the company to a position where it has become New Zealand’s leading wine award winner.

The event successful on all levels because of the support of Rotarians like the ones from this club who at short notice answered the call to help.THE Olympic Torch Relay headed through Staffordshire today, starting in Gnosall before going on to Haughton, Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent. The relay starts early in Stoke-on-Trent before heading to Crewe and Congleton.7.01am Potteries Museum and Art Gallery7.15am Cobridge7.33am Burslem7.36am Middleport8.03am Crewe8.55am Congleton7.30pm UPDATE: A fantastic day in Staffordshire.Throughout the day, we’ll be updating the torch’s progress through the county on this live blog, so don't forget to send your pictures to [email protected], upload them straight to or tweet us on @thisisstaffs.• GALLERY: Olympic torch relay in Gnosall• GALLERY: Olympic torch relay in Stafford Evening update: Here's a link to our report on the torch in Stoke-on-Trent this evening. The torch relay ended in a packed Hanley Park with thousands of people cheering it on.A delightful duty that remains for me is to present one of these to a star perfomer in our D9920 family- your club.So thanks to all of you for coming to this surprise my lovely Sharon organised for me – constant travel the last 3 years and demands of being the chief rotary cat-herder have meant that we have missed seeing most of you here – and my how much younger you all look.rediscovering my vocation ARCHITECTURE – I am really having fun feeding my design passion and yes drawing by hand- so do remember me if you or someone you know need a refreshed and refreshing architect- Relaxing by a Ron Seeto designed lap-pool on Waiheke Being WOW’ed in Wellington World of Wearable Arts Designing an opportunity to Belong for Eternity in a Parish family – a Courtyard Columbarium for St Michaels Catholic Church, Remuera Consider then the opportunity to memorialise your loved one within St Michael’s church grounds by way of a columbarium niche.

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