Palaeomagnetism dating

Continental Drift was first proposed by Ortelius (1596) based on the fit of continental coastlines.Although loosely underpinned by the corresponding coastal geography, the idea lacked independent corroboration. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, London 64, 234-259. Transactions of the Geological Society of South Africa 34, 1-17. The system itself is ingenious and the books were of exceptional quality.

Carnegie Institution of Washington, Publication 54, Washington, D. For the most part, the expanding earth theory relies heavily on the assumption that subduction does not occur.Verification of subduction by numerous cosmogenic isotope studies and common direct measurements of subducting plate motion refuted the expanding earth model in the late Twentieth century.My research group addresses three areas of atmospheric chemistry central to these impacts : Dr Mohamed Abdallah has a wide experience in applying various mass spectrometric techniques for analysis of trace levels of environmental contaminants in biotic and abiotic matrices including different human tissues.He has also made contributions to the field of human exposure to persistent organic pollutants using various exposure and pharmacokinetic models.

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