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After fixing their hair, cooking breakfast, and getting everyone ready for the day, they’re all out the door by am.I go to work, everybody’s happy.” Though everyone is able to make it to the right school at the right time, Stephanie worries about the athletic opportunities her talented daughter, Alexis, may be missing out on. I’m a single parent, so my 9th grader doesn’t get to do a lot of activities because she is the one that helps me the most,” she says. And from year to year, you can feel the difference, and I have less to struggle with.” Many people are able to enlist the aid of family members.As the eldest child, Alexis gets off the train each morning to walk her sisters to school, traveling six blocks before catching another train to get to her own school. Unfortunately, Stephanie’s own mother and sisters are fully occupied with the demands of their own lives. But after divorcing Olivia’s dad, it prompted me to move back to New York City,” says Stephanie.Being kind and caring souls, it is no surprise that nurses are popular professionals for people on the lookout for romance.We’ve all heard of the Florence Nightingale affect after all but what about the truth behind the myths?

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