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“There have been times when I’ve said, ‘Nope, I don’t think that’s important to the story.

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The drama was up year-over-year in its third season, prompting the renewal after three airings.

The pace that we [typically] go is like a speedball — you don’t really have time to process anything, or sit or feel or think — so it was interesting.

I like [the finale’s] pace, but A lot of the fireworks were in Episode 11, but I hope that Monica going back to her life as a lesbian and leaving Frank and the family was the last straw.

TVLINE They’ve never fully been committed to each other — it’s always been one foot in, one foot out — so even if they do start communicating and having some sort of healthy relationship — which will never happen because then there would be no show [] — it will be interesting to see where their dynamic goes.

I think a lot of their connection has been charged through the excitement and the sexual chemistry and the obstacles.

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