Examining dating and friendships

Often described as “consensual and responsible non-monogamy,” polyamory can characterize anyone who engages in intimate relationships with multiple people in a way that is consensual and communicative of all relationships.

(That is, cheating on a partner doesn’t count as polyamory!

But just as folks have been challenging structural and cultural heternormativity, more people are coming to question monogamy as natural, and exploring opening their relationships to polyamory.

Proscriptive: Undesirable patterns like childhood sexual abuse, "date rape," male jealousy, and marital discord can be combated more easily by analyzing their causes or simply identifying them as common problems.

Sex, friendship, and love relate also to the ongoing theme of this book: the creative brain.

Explanatory: Psychologists try to explain why things happen the way they do, what variables are relevant, what psychological factors lead to important types of thought, emotion, or action.

Prescriptive: Research suggests the basis upon which successful relationships can be established or problems addressed.

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