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Our records show that Nadine Jansen is currently AW said she'd "love to f the shit out of nj on cam" if ever NJ asked her. Having just watched her incredibly hot vids with Angela White I immediately asked AW on cam if she could do full sex with NJ().

I'd love Angela White to be NJs first hardcore even more after hearing that. She said she'd love to but NJ is "strictly softcore" and she wasn't comfortable persuading/begging for models to do it.

Career and Struggle She has contributed in various fields like ads, films and television. Originally she had a role of Fernando’s Girlfriend in the Fox television series Prison Break.

After that in 2001 she graduated from Columbia College Chicago earning Bachelor degree with majors in Marketing.

Alex Lyubelsky – Bigot – Fraud – Racist Recruiter – Oracle – Racist – Reviews – Complaints – The Dirty – The Dirty – Crook – Staffing – Crook – Liar – Pedophile – Sex Predator – Principal Talent Advisor – Site Titl […] read more about him here: […] #1 Girls in her line of work do not get tested weekly.

She is an independent operator and not a member of a porn studio, thus she may never get tested at all.

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from male to female) by way of surgery and hormones.

But a mid-air malfunction - and miraculous landing - leads to an investigation that reveals a disturbing truth about his character.

She landed in films through War with co-star Jet li.

She was also seen in the NBC series My name is Earl.

She was also seen in 2006 monologue show Skirts and Flirts.

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