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While I could write another full article detailing the ways in which Ann is a well-developed character, I want to focus on her friendship with Leslie.The town of Pawnee is, after all, “first in friendship, fourth in obesity,” but in a show built around friendship, perhaps the most important of all is that of Leslie and Ann.

It would not be a surprise to discover that he and Kennedy have lied to our (or the press’) faces to keep ‘an element of surprise and discovery for the audience.’ Admitting that they were drawing from the expanded universe would be akin to leaving the script in a Starbucks.It’s a solid product, for sure, but the deal-breaker was a lack of recurring tasks.Asana handles recurring tasks very well, as does Teamwork.What is it about Ann’s friendship with Leslie Knope that makes it such a valuable part of the show, and what can we expect after Ann’s departure?Some critics have argued that Ann Perkins is not a well-developed character and that her departure will have little effect on the show as a whole.

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