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Long before Tom Hardy starred opposite Leonardo Di Caprio in films like “Inception” and “The Revenant,” he played Shinzon, the villain in “Star Trek: Nemesis.” Shinzon was a clone of Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard.Jeffrey Dean Morgan is familiar with playing the villian.More exhaustive timelines are available in both Star Trek reference works and on various fan websites.This table shows each TV series and movie, its year of release or broadcast, the year it was set in according to the prevailing Okuda chronology (see below) and the stardate range for that year.Below is an abridged timeline of events established in the group of television shows and feature films set in the Star Trek universe.Many dates are estimates as the various shows and films are not consistent in their use of dates.

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Fanboys and fangirls of the series can try their hand at online dating on these sites, likely without fear of judgement of their pristine DVD collection of the original series or a treasured, mint-condition Spock action figure.

Trekkie Dating welcomes users to a dating community "light years ahead of others" and says to "set phasers to ... " The site includes normal dating site profiles with the ability to send said flirts.

Another “Lost” alum appeared in “Star Trek.” Daniel Dae Kim, who would go on to play Jin in “Lost,” appeared in an episode of “Star Trek: Voyager” and later as a different character in three episodes of “Star Trek: Enterprise.” “That 70s Show’s” Kurtwood Smith has appeared in numerous Star Trek projects.

He was an Efrosian Federation president in “Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country,” as the predecessor to Odo in an episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space 9,” and as Annorax in two episodes of “Star Trek: Voyager.” Tom Morello, of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave fame, appeared twice in the “Star Trek” universe.

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