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Among historical figures, some were recorded as having relations with others of their own sex — exclusively or together with opposite-sex relations — while others were recorded as only having relations with the opposite sex.However, there are instances of same-sex love and sexuality within almost all ancient civilizations. Grouper sets you up with a match, then lets both parties bring along two friends.Down can be used for dating as well, but let’s be honest: This app still lives up to its former name. Trint Me allows shy users to initiate the next step behind the veil of their smartphones.It is observed during October in the United States, to include National Coming Out Day on October 11.

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Doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester confirmed yesterday the Illinois lawmaker is responding well and is regaining his strength.

The true intentions (“trints”), which can range from “let’s talk” to “coffee” to “romance” to “hookup,” aren’t revealed unless there is a successful match.

But singles can leave a hint if they’re feeling brave.

• Manage sales representative performance through the establishment, communication and clarification of expectations.

• Hold individuals accountable for meeting established performance standards.

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    News flash: More and more women are jumping outside their marriages in search of no-strings-attached sex. An Internet connection and an account on a site like Ashley