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Scopri di più anche sulle opzioni di scelta disponibili: Normativa sui cookie.established, official, accepted, received, common, popular, traditional, normal, regular, usual, ordinary, approved, familiar, acknowledged, conventional, routine, customary, well-established, kosher (informal)They knew, these excellent old persons, that, by all established rule -- and, as regarded some of them, weighed by their own lack of efficiency for business -- they ought to have given place to younger men, more pagans of their times, equally doubted the story of Hercules and the whale, and Arion and the dolphin; and yet their doubting those traditions did not make those traditions one whit the less facts, for all that.

In other words, marriage in Jesus Christ presumes that one accepts Him and believes in Him.

Especially against the Jewish people from whom all Christianity is derived.

ANSWER: The practice of the Church is not a matter of discrimination any more than the practice of the Jewish faith, which only permits practicing Jews to celebrate their bar mitzvah, or the practice of the Buddhist faith, which allows only practicing Buddhists to enter Buddhist monastic orders, are cases of discrimination.

To Eastern Orthodoxy, the relationship which people have with God is reflected in the love for one another; the union of two people in marriage is considered to be a reflection of our ultimate union with God.

However, as a result of humanity's rebellion against God (the Fall), humanity has tended to adopt a more animalistic view of sexual activity which is not true to the ultimate transfigurable nature of the human race, having been made in the Divine image and likeness.

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