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Naturally there was heated opposition to this alignment, both from feminists and from civil libertarians, and the battle is still going on, albeit less visibly.

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She and her team are trying to do the impossible: convince gatekeepers that women are people, too, and should probably, you know, be in movies.How about a movie this year that was directed by a woman?A feature-length film about D-list comic-book characters, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” was released before a movie about an A-list female character, “Wonder Woman,” went into production. But anecdotes can be countered with other anecdotes. In a period when battles over images have replaced substantive political debate, it is not surprising that questions about imagery in the culture at large are generating the most political heat.The 1986 Meese commission brought some segments of a divided and embattled women's movement into the mainstream debate on pornography, aligning them with their traditional enemy, the religious right.

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