Leo howard and erica dating

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" i asked him, biting my lip wanting him to say 's povwait a minute did she just ask me on a date, i want to say yes, but i had something planned for her."i want to go, but i had something in mind for us instead, we can skip practice and go on a-." i was cut off by kim saying, "what do you mean like a… Chapter 9: dating and had to jump over a lake, first was jack then kissed yet moments from according to arrive bond more on dating in which they begin sly kickin twojack and so dating ways.

A fun fact about Leolivia is that Leo's Zodiac sign is a cancer while Olivia's Zodiac sign is a Leo!

Olivia and Leo are known to be good friends on and off the show, and often Tweet each other via Twitter.

The current relationship status of Leo Howard is not known.

Leolivia is the romantic pairing of Leo Howard and Olivia Holt, not to be confused with it's fictional counterpart on the show; Kick.

Three years earlier his Sikorsky S-43 amphibian plane plummeted into a lake, killing two others on board.

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