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“Kyle has done something truly unique with my music.Win A Date With Tad Hamilton (Título original), El Chico de tu vida (Título en España), Una cita con tu ídolo (Título en latinoamerica) es una comedia romántica estrenada el 23 de enero de 2004.“In some ways, Teddy puts his foot back in the closet.It’s after the fact that he comes out to all of his friends, and now he’s regretting it. It’s kind of a player-being-played moment.” Following his break-up with Ian, Teddy will have a rebound fling with a former prep school classmate, Tripp (Alan Ritchson) while on spring break.”I’ve never stood there and had to kiss someone my same height,” Teddy recalled, adding that he’s known Alan for a while. That was pretty odd for me, but we’re both very professional.” He may be single after tonight’s episode, but it won’t be all one-night stands for Teddy.

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I grew up listening to very different music than to the stuff Burt grew up listening to, so when I pick up the guitar and start to play, for example, Close To You, it inherently sounds slightly different: it’s a very personal approach to the music.But Trevor tells Hollywood the celebration will be short-lived, as Teddy’s life is about to get a lot more complicated.Trevor admits his first same-sex kiss was “nerve-wracking,” but adds that it’s “becoming easier” — which is good, because Teddy will spend the rest of the season playing tonsil tennis with a slew of Beverly Hills bachelors. We’ve known for a while that Ian’s (Kyle Riabko) enrollment at West Bev was temporary, so I hope you’re prepared to say goodbye tonight!We hate that there won't be any new episodes until Jan.24, 2011, but we love to hate "90210" for the uh-mazing cliffhangers.

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