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And when it comes to meeting someone new, it seems that younger people have it a little easier in that area too, as many lounges and social meeting places cater to the 25-year old looking to casually date, and online dating sites are no better, as most of them advertise to consumers of a pretty young demographic.Sure, dating sites like e Harmony do a small amount of advertising to the 50 and over crowd, but if you look at just about any dating site commercial these days, you’re likely to see younger people talking about their experiences, as many companies believe putting young attractive people in the ads will give the site a hip appeal and draw in a lot of potential users.Some people say a lot of different areas of life are wasted on the young like the appreciation of youth itself, since many young adults and teens are eager to become older in order to break free from their parents and get a full dose of real life.Another aspect of life that’s wasted on the young, some say, is love and romance, since some young people fall in and out of relationships very quickly, because they either take a true love connection for granted or they don’t yet know how to properly balance the art of giving someone the proper amount of attentiveness and space.Nowadays I live in the states, and if your single and have never tried online dating people will ask "why".The chance of terrible dates is still real, but there's such a huge volume of people there you can still meet someone wonderful if you bide your time and are smart with your interactions and profile. In today's busy world, online or internet dating is becoming more and more popular.

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It was written at a time when it was quite shameful to admit you were on an online dating app.DISCLAIMER: I wrote this article in 2010 and a huge amount has changed since then.The stigma of online dating has very much shifted, and it's more or less accepted that people these days often meet the love of their life sitting on the toilet with a mobile phone.I started this article to help out friends who I've encouraged to try online dating, but are still too scared to try. It seems to me the increasing popularity of online dating is largely a due to our changes in lifestyle over the last decade.In this new "information generation", we're busier than ever, we're not good at waiting and we've become dependent on technology for just about everything.

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