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A Libra man will shamelessly flirt and cajole the object of his affection until she eventually gives in and gives him the attention he has been longing for.However, once that lovely lady gives in, she may want to keep a close eye on just how close her Libra man becomes with all the other ladies in her life; specifically her best girlfriends.He is athletic too, but rather vain in terms of his appearance.Well groomed, charming and fashionable, he’s very much a social animal and doesn’t like spending time alone.If that's the case, he's more prone to leave the relationship if he meets someone better. I say, give the man time to feel comfortable in making a commitment. If he does, that relationship is headed for disaster. I don't know many men who can be forced into making a commitment by their girlfriend.Unfortunately the confused Libra player is prone to such behavior, loving the idea of monogamy, but unable to change his behavoir even after vows have been exhanged.The same horrid behavoir was shown by TV star Mario Lopez, when he was divorced by his wife of three weeks, Cancer Ali Landry (whom he had dated for six years), when she learned of his chronic unfaithfulness, including a daliance with a stripper days before their union.

The typical Libra man is graceful, both physically and by nature.

They manage to carefully navigate the fine line between being loving, yet mischevious, boyfriends without alienating their core group of guy friends, whose friendship they depend on both for companionship (they hate to be alone) and as a necessary backdrop to all their romantic overtures (otherwise they might appear foppish).

This leads to two types of adult Libra men: the perfect partner and the incurable player.

Learn To Negotiate Actually, her leaving is much more likely to increase a man's interest than to badger him about making a commitment.

I think women need to be more assertive and better negotiators in relationships.

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