Generating and validating web forms with pear htmlquickform

I remember being taught the importance of input validation way back in high school, in an IT elective subject.We were taught that all user input must be validated prior to acting upon it.The form is validated on both the client and server side. First argument sets what should the value look like, second one is the error message again, shown if the validation is not passed.With HTML_Quick Form version 3.1, you can have a consistent look across all your forms and a simplified file upload.Forms perform an essential function in modern websites, making it possible to gather information from users and validate that information.

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In this post, you’ll learn what you need to know to get started creating HTML forms when using the Yii framework.It has a number of purposes, some of which are below.There are some circumstances when simply checking to see if a string is the right length or contains allowed characters is not enough, and for this, regular expressions can be used to ensure that the string adheres to a given format or pattern.More specifically, when Yii auto-generates a form as part of CRUD creation, the framework writes the form in a file named _This file in turn gets included by other View files (any View file in Yii that starts with an underscore is intended to be an include).

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