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Moritz Schulhof fungierte bis 1938 als Oberkantor (Vorbeter) und ab 1935 auch als Schächter.1938 wurde die große Familie zerrissen, da eine Tochter mit ihrer Familie nach Jugoslawien floh und andere Familienmitglieder nach Ungarn ausreisten.Wohnhaus - Schlöglgasse 3 - Kantoren-Familie Schulhof47.81358016.246613 Wohnhaus – Schlöglgasse 3 Die Kantoren-Familie Schulhof Moritz Schulhof (1876-1945) siedelte sich mit seiner Familie 1926 in Wiener Neustadt an.

As an Evangelist, I miss my beautiful wife every day I'm away from her.

In the area where I live, a celebrity gossip program, Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ), comes on immediately after the news.

I usually change the station before this program comes on, but this particular evening I was engaged in another task, and in just the few minutes I saw of the program, I heard mentioned and ‘lionized’ a variety of manifestly un-Christ-like behaviors, among them promiscuity, unfaithfulness, and taking advantage of others for various gains.

Although I touch on the implications or effects of technology, the focus in this article is on Christ, His Teachings, His values, and the moral and the spiritual life that He commanded us to live.

I focus on His Church in our lives, on living a life of Christ in the nuclear family, the (Morelli, 2009), and the interiorization of Christ which we are all called by our Baptism to attain so that we may “become partakers of the Divine Nature.” (2 Pt 1:4) The generational contrast alluded to above dawned on me after watching the evening news as is my custom, while preparing dinner.

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