Dating someone with poor finances

I still don’t equate it to whether I am happy or not (and never will), although I acknowledge money certainly makes things easier.I never made a lot of money in my career — newspaper journalism — but that didn’t stop men from dating me, or two men from marrying me.That’s why the pro-marriage people have it all wrong when they say marriage will get low-income women out of poverty.

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A person could have a low credit score because she lost her job in the height of the recession and was unable to make a housing payment or pay a medical bill.But if you’re in a relationship with someone who has poor credit and you’re at a point that you’re moving in together or otherwise sharing expenses, your credit score could be in jeopardy.Not because your Valentine’s bad credit will directly impact yours: Credit reports don’t get merged, even after you’re married.For some eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, bad credit is a deal breaker.I understand the importance of good financial habits, but a person’s credit score may not be a reflection of one’s current financial state.

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