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There is literally nothing in the world more unpredictable and annoying than a tapering triathlete who will be variously moody, irrational, full of self-doubt, obsessed with the weather, germaphobic, restless, excited and anxious – otherwise known as a pain-in-the-a***. Expect any romantic restaurant meal for two to become a stressful search of the menu for a gluten-free, cheese-free pizza and a fresh fruit salad. Say goodbye to ever being on time for anything ever again, and say hello to waiting around for your sweetheart to return an hour later than promised from an all-morning bike ride. With chiselled and honed physiques triathletes should look great when dressed up to the nines.Also expect your dreamboat to tell constant lies about the amount of chocolate they consume, and be prepared to witness the full horror of a hungry triathlete who returns from a training ride and, having previously eaten less than a Trappist sparrow, proceeds to consume the entire contents of a kitchen cupboard in one go. There’s nothing more romantic than a long talk with your loved one about your shared passions – unless it’s a triathlete you are talking to in which case you can expect the conversation to be dominated by phrases like “I averaged 300 watts for my 20 minute bike test” or “I was repping 100m in 1.30 in the pool”, to which the answer “is that any good? A true test of triathlon obsession is to secretly start a stopwatch going when you begin a non-triathlon conversation and see how many minutes (seconds) your sweetheart takes to change the topic to something tri-related. Also prepare yourself for heavy use of the “had a puncture excuse” to conceal the truth that they went further than they said, or more likely went more slowly than they hoped. However you’ll never know because all they’ll wear in any public place is their most impressive race T-Shirt they have, a branded Headsweats cap, some compression tights and a pair of running shoes. There’s no denying that there is a certain expectation when it comes to the average triathlete body.Along with key review factors, this compensation may impact how and where sites appear on the page (including, for example, the order in which they appear).Dating does not include listings for all dating sites.List is made up of people like Mariko Adachi and Lisa Perterer.While this isn't a list of all female triathletes, it does answer the questions "Who are the most famous female triathletes? " Laura Marie Bennett is an American professional triathlete.On these occasions she is guaranteed to win any disagreement with the light grip of my thigh, or calf, or shoulder, or frankly any post-training muscle in my leg or shoulder area.Should you wish to press your point with any triathlete you’ll find even the gentlest squeeze of a tender quad will have the same effect as Mr Spock’s Vulcan death-pinch in Star Trek, and your paramour will thus agree to anything to be released. Dream physique If it’s buns of iron and guns of steel that flick your switch, you’ll find a tri date will oblige because all that sport inevitably has an effect on the typical triathlete body.

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Here then, for your future happiness, are the top ten reasons why you should never date a triathlete... And if by some miracle you do manage to persuade your beloved to spare some time for a “normal” holiday, expect them to be a fidgeting mass of tense energy, unable to sit still for more than five minutes without sloping off to do laps of the pool while you sunbathe, or sneaking out for a run before breakfast. However it is particularly dangerous to accompany a triathlete to a race because you run the risk of seeing the “other side” of your paramour. Triathletes only eat two sorts of meals – enormous, or nothing.

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