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Thanks to texting and mobile apps like Snapchat and Kik, sending messages to one another has turned digital and become much quicker.While a few responded that passing notes still happens, others suggested that it's only when somebody wants "to be cute" or when their phone isn't close by.We asked: "Do you pass notes or is it all digital now?"The overwhelming response for this was that it doesn't really happen. One time, I saw a guy I never would've looked twice at on the subway wearing a Heart T-shirt, and all of a sudden decided he was my soul mate. Who knows, but any man who can openly worship at the alter of women in rock can get it.7. Who then take their hands and run it through their pretty, pretty long hair. Unless your mom is a monster human being, everyone should love their mom, so a guy who loves his mom should not be hot. Maybe it's because it's rare to see a guy hanging out with his kid in the park and looking really into it? Anna shared this photo of a typical night for her, Chris, toddler Jack, and their pug Bonzo. Cheekbones so deep you could crawl into them and set up base camp for life. It's basically "Aww, they care if their shirt gets dirty.

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He should just be "a guy." And yet, the second a dude tells us he thinks his mom is amazing, we immediately become that little emoji face with hearts instead of eyes. Go to redbookmag.com/anna-faris to read exclusive (and refreshingly honest) quotes from our favorite funny gal. If anything, this should make us think a dude might be malnourished, but instead it makes us want to run our fingers along their deep, deep crevice. When a guy is doing dishes and puts a dishtowel on his shoulder. Some pull out their phone to pass time during class or after a test, while others use it to access their homework or class assignments, since everything is quickly becoming more digital.One response, though, made the advantages of having technology at your fingertips more clear:"When the teacher writes a slide of instructions and gives you 15 seconds to look at it, rather than scribble it down, you can snap a picture of it."And that, ladies and gentlemen, is note-taking (and copying homework) in 2015. "For the most part, there was no definitive answer for this. The majority of responses were either "IDK" or "It changes." Some suggested "Starbucks," but most had no clue how to answer this question. ), it's possible that when you're younger, it's easier to identify a fad, and as you get older, it becomes much more difficult to determine whether something is specific to your friend group, school, or generation.If you want to meet new people, you’ll be in for a treat because there are thousands of users online at all times.We’ve even been featured at Chatroulette as one of the top 20 random cam sites ever created!

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