Companys can not stop employees from dating each other

In one case, an employee sued the company for discrimination.After the suit was filed, the company looked through her work laptop to save all of her files.

companys can not stop employees from dating each other-15

So, why should you have work rules that aren't required?Managing the employees in your workplace effectively necessitates that even the smallest of businesses set up work rules.Work rules protect your business and your workers and if correctly implemented and executed, create and maintain a better work environment for all.In many businesses, employees are mobile — they work at customers' sites, they go out in the field to procure materials or solicit new clients, and they're expected to be on call nights and weekends.If your company is considering whether to provide employees with mobile phones or reimburse them for all or part of their personal cell phone expenses, you'll want to consider the cost of each option.

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