Who is stacey dash dating now

“But he really likes Stacey and he’s taken her hiking and to the Sunset Tower Hotel and she’s taking him with her to New York next month.” Stacey is the mother of two children – Austin, 24, and Lola, 11, from two different marriages. has received a leaked email from an insider close to FOX News pundit Stacey Dash.A source tells the New York Daily News, "They looked very much like an item, and Jamie was introducing her to everyone. “I made my choice to vote for Mitt Romney and I tweeted something at 10 o’clock at night, and the next day, my life changed,” says Dash, who felt Obama hadn’t revitalized the economy.The two actually had TWO daes [sic] - one a lunch, and the other a dinner." "Looks like she finally found her romance - from a FOX NEWS republican guy," MTO adds.MTO actually pulled the image from Stacey's personal Instagram.

The 47-year-old actress is best known for her role as Dionne in the movie .“People said I should kill myself, they called me an Uncle Tom, said I don’t think I’m black, [that] I don’t like black people, which to me is absurd,” Dash says.“Because I’m black, I should have to vote for the black president? Women do it and we’re called something else.” For now, Dash says she’s just trying to get a hold of the whole “dating thing.” “It’s liberating, but it’s mind-boggling,” says thrice-divorced Dash.In the email, Dash reveals she has not only changed her political affiliations, but also her dating habits.“I’m done with dating brothers,” Dash says in the email.

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