Sedating a dog when traveling

The very first rule of traveling with your cat is to have an ID tag or other means of identification securely affixed to the kitty.Thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters simply because the owners never dreamed the pet would get loose or become lost while on a trip.

Sedatives are commonly used to calm extremely fearful pets, those prone to severe separation anxiety and overactive pets.

In these situations, sedatives reduce the potential for self-injury. Even nervous pets, once they are in a carrier in a quiet dark place, typically calm down and most even go to sleep.

The primary disadvantage of sedating pets for air travel is that there is no one to check on them nor offer medical care if problems arise. The most profound and potentially life threatening problem associated with sedation is the effect on blood pressure.

Also, there may be a pet sitter in your area who would tend your pets in your own home.

With a pet sitter you can even call home and tell your cat how much fun you’re having …

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