Dating ak 47

He wrote to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in May 2012, wondering if he was responsible for the many deaths caused by the weapon he had created.

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Please check carefully to make sure that the rifle in question is a true AK-47 and not an AKM or a Chinese Type 56.Now some may be thinking at this point "Hey , wait a minute, I have a Russian AK-47 dated 1952." That is true, several AK-47 rifles were manufactured well before 1956 issue date when they finally decided on the 1947 design.) So, a rifle dated 1952 was already 4 years old when issued in '56. Many of the Russian AK-47 rifles on today's battlefields (yes even Iraq) have been sold, smuggled and resold several times.The latest estimates put the number of the weapons in circulation possibly as high as 75 to 100 million worldwide.There's a wealth of information on AK-47 rifles Mfg'd by other Countries available online for the finding.The Russians created the AK-47, and many have improved it in one small way or another, but no matter what Country the AK-47 is Mfg'd in, the basic design always remains the same.

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