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"I haven't felt this happy in 20 years, I'm not kidding you."Snooki's excited for them but Vinny and Pauly seem less convinced.

She's particularly impressed by his language skills, saying: "He actually speaks well English." The waiter makes a surprise appearance at the club later that night where he and Deena do some serious making out on the dance floor, but unfortunately things don't go so well back at the house.

Mike, meanwhile, is introduced to Brittani's identical twin sister Erica and he wastes no time in telling them they'll both be coming home with him that night.

Part of ’s appeal is the diverse cast of characters that represent several different letters in the LGBT community.

From the outside, it can be seen as a show about the T, but it goes beyond that, exploring binary nature of sexuality and gender through Maura’s daughters, Sarah and Ali (Gaby Hoffmann).

In 2015, CDC reported that for male cases of new primary and secondary syphilis (P&S – the most transmissible stages of infection) in which the sex of the sex partner was known, 81.7% of cases were among MSM.

Further, the skin sores caused by syphilis place MSM at an increased risk of transmitting and acquiring HIV infection.

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