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In addition, many of the Portuguese traders in the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata were Jewish.

An organized Jewish community, however, did not develop until after Argentina gained independence from Spain in 1810.

By mid-century, Jews from France and other parts of Western Europe, fleeing the social and economic disruptions of revolutions, began to settle in Argentina.

Argentina has the largest Jewish population of any country in Latin America, although numerous Jews left during the 1970s and 1980s to escape the repression of the military junta, emigrating to Israel, West Europe (especially Spain), and North America.

Sephardi Jews fleeing persecution immigrated with explorers and colonists to settle in what is now Argentina.In summer 1941, in their push to invade Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler’s German army marched through Ukraine.On July 19th, Vinnitsa, Ukraine was captured by German troops.However, differences of opinion have arisen as to whether a person who claims citizenship under the Law of Return should be automatically registered as "Jewish" for census purposes.According to the halakhic definition, a person is Jewish if his or her mother is Jewish, or if he or she converts to Judaism.

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