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Hong Kong men valued looks above other criteria, while women paid attention to education, profession, and whether potential matches appeared serious about wanting to commit.

Hong Kong’s lonely hearts are among the world’s most desperate to find love, according to data from a popular US dating app, showing that users in the city are using it more often than people in any other place in the world.

According to Coffee Meets Bagel, which claims to help singles look for meaningful relationships rather than one-night stands, 66 per cent of Hongkongers who have downloaded the app log on every day. The smartphone app, started four years ago and claiming to have made up to 2.5 billion introductions worldwide since then, expanded to Hong Kong in March last year.

“When the bill came, the man started taking out cash to pay for it, but the woman very politely offered to split the bill, since it was so expensive. “How many people were saying nasty things about this poor woman yesterday? Actually, the words ‘Kong girl’ are a bit discriminatory,” she said, referring to the derogatory term used to describe local women who exhibit “princessy” behaviour.

The man staunchly refused, despite her insistence, and when she tried to put a HKD500 bill in his hand, he ripped it up,” Wong said. Other netizens slammed the man for refusing to accept his date’s money, saying he was “trying too hard to be a big man”. UPDATE: The restaurant is now offering an “AA lover’s meal” for HKD496 (or HKD248 per head, as they helpfully/cheekily note).

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