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Conservatives are more likely to mention Jesus, guns, and the Marine Corps.

Conservatives love steak, and are more likely to express an interest in the outdoors, and going to the shooting range.

Reid made this argument while hosting a panel in November 2014 by the Brookings Institute regarding the release of a Public Religion Research Institute Post-Election American Values Survey.

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Conservatives tended to include words such as “country,” “fishing,” and “old fashioned.” Half of Ok Cupid users, the majority of which describe themselves as liberal, said they could not date an individual whose political views differed from their own.

During the panel, Reid cautioned that the chief source for the GOP victory in 2014 was the high support among working class white voters.

"I think that one of the issues the Democrats face is that they don't have a coherent economic message that appeals to white working class voters," said Reid. stressed the importance of understanding the roots of white working-class frustration.

Political and social views were the most important factors...

While social commentators and political analysts debate the exact reasons for Donald Trump's election victory, one thing virtually all agree on is that the Republican nominee's success came largely through white working-class voters.

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