Validating dynaactionform tools for validating xml and viewing xslt output

Hi, I'm trying to validate my Dyna Validator Form and I'm at my wits end trying to figure out what I've done wrong. changed action entries to include validate and input tags. Request Processor] Validation failed, returning to '/admin/update File.jsp' [org.apache.struts.action.

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Hi, I've gfot problems with the validation Framework.The “validator-rules.xml” file contains all the generic validator name, you can get this file in the Struts distribution library, (Do not create this file yourself).And the “validator-user.xml” contains all your form field validation. Action Mapping; public class User Action extends Action #user module label message name = Name username = User Name pwd = Password pwd2 = Confirm Password email = Email button.submit = Submit #Error message username.required = Username is required.Here's the problem: I generally have a JSP for capturing new data, which will use a Dyna Action Form to manage the form inputs through multiple edit-validate cycles until the form data is accepted and committed to the database.For display of existing data, a different JSP is used which 'pulls' the data in (using a custom tag or by instantiating a bean). The page renders the data as pulled from the database.

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