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Navajo writer and director Sydney Freeland says it’s been a whirlwind tour for a film that boasts a near all-Native cast, including Jeremiah Bitsui, Carmen Moore, Morningstar Angeline and Kiowa Gordon.

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The Red Road comes from writer Aaron Guzikowski, who also penned the dark crime movie Prisoners.

The Mayor attended and the fact that people laughed, cried and enjoyed the film… That’s why you do this, to make something that people can relate to.”“I was born and raised in Gallup, which was notorious for its high rate of alcoholism. That experience always stuck with me.“You take screen-writing in college and they teach you to write what you know.

When ABC’s 20/20 came to my hometown they did a segment called Drunktown, U. I started re-visiting all this stuff from growing up and I thought, ‘What if we could show another side of Drunktown?

It was a news story that set Aaron Guzikowski on the path to "The Red Road," his new Sundance TV series that's set in a fictional North Jersey town he calls Walpole.

A few years ago, the screenwriter, a Massachusetts native, was living in New York City when a colleague gave him an article about Emil Mann, a Ramapough Indian who, in April 2006, died after being shot by a state park ranger during a confrontation over ATV riding near Ringwood State Park.

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