Updating microsoft streets and trips

The refreshes are offered as free downloads, as the Redmond company is gearing up for the U. Microsoft is indicating that a small investment could end up helping users save money on their vacation.Microsoft Streets and Trips comes with a price tag of just .95, the Redmond company has indicated, referring to the plain vanilla flavor of the product.This made it a breeze to fly through the program and quickly utilize its directions and automatic route generators.The only navigation software that even comes close to the awesome attributes that Microsoft Streets and Trips offers is Delorme's Street Atlas.It provides turn-by-turn directions and can connect with a compatible GPS device to provide real-time navigation assistance.The software also has the ability to import updates to keep maps current.The maps cover the entire United States and Canada.

With all of the basic and advanced features, frustration-free Microsoft Streets & Trips travel and map software is remarkably easy to use - even for first-timers.

Even with gas prices down 35.4% compared to 2008, the global economic crisis has many families on a tight budget, and Street and Trips bring to the table the necessary resources to ensure affordable vacations.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued.

Microsoft Streets and Trips offers a power-packed, easy-to-use feature set at the right price.

It also offers a few more useful features, such as voice navigation and the ability to import additional maps , which Delorme's Street Atlas and Fugawi Global Navigator. One of the great attributes of Microsoft Streets & Trips travel and map software is that it offers a GPS navigation window that's simpler to use than any other we tried This is simply because the toolbars and drop-down menus are similar to what we were used to using for other Microsoft products.

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