Rihanna and the dream dating dating show called 3

Song bird and style icon in one, Rihanna has a taste for bold fashion.

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Past award ceremony – MTV Video Music Awards 2016 – was not only a large-scale ("return" to the award of Britney Spears, the public appearance of Beyonce’s daughter and other memorable moments), but also a very romantic event.

Of his grandfather, Nash recalls "He came out of a bad time for blacks in the South, but even though we lived in the hood, we had a boat, some cars and a house that was paid for. There's nothing I can't do." Under the pen name "The-Dream," Nash began writing lyrics for many popular artists.

He co-wrote Britney Spears' hit "Me Against the Music" from her album In the Zone.

Rihanna wore her sleek raven tresses in a neat middle-parting and tied back in a ponytail.

A pair of large hooped earrings hung from her ears, and while she may have sported a casual look she wore a glamorous full face of make-up.

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