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She is also regarded as China's Four Dan Actresses alongside Zhou Xun, Zhang Ziyi and Xu Jinglei.Over her 20 years acting career, Zhao has starred in many box-office smash-hits, including Shaolin Soccer (2001), Red Cliff (2008-2009), Painted Skin (2008), Painted Skin: The Resurrection (2012), Dearest (2014) and Lost in Hong Kong (2015).Vicki Zhao (趙薇), who recently celebrated her 37th birthday, has long enjoyed the fame and happiness of being one of mainland China’s most successful actresses.

She has one elder full sister called Xinping (陸心萍/陆心萍) who died 7 years before the plot of the story at 15 years of age.Feng Shao Feng (Ice Fantasy) and Haden Kuo (Wong Fei Hung) are hounded with dating rumors after paparazzi snapped photos of the two outside a building.Word on the street is that the actress spent a few nights at Feng's house and celebrated Lunar New Year with his family.The Influential Teacher: Xie Jin After Vicki graduated from high school in 1994, she attended the Xie Jin Film & Television Art College at Shanghai Normal University.That same year, she landed her first lead role in the movie Penitentiary Angel , which was directed by Xie Jin (謝晉), the president and eponym of the college.

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