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Born November 16, 1966, Dean Mc Dermott is an actor and reality TV star.Raised in his native Canada with three sisters, Mc Dermott showed a great interest in acting from an early age.

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What is surprising is that, despite the multiplicity of sources and vast amount of collective study effort, there are still areas where doubt persists.Mc Dermott is facing jail time if he doesn’t keep up with court ordered payments.It is unclear if Dean Mc Dermott will be able to pay his ex, Mary Jo Eustace his biweekly payment, which is currently the only thing keeping him out of jail, according to the .His face was red; he was sweaty .'I'm not contesting any of this, your honor. They had a biological son Jack, and were in the process of adopting a daughter together (Lola, 11) when he began an affair with his Mind Over Murder co-star Tori Spelling.I've fallen on hard times, she knows this, she's taken this step...' The Judge interrupted, 'Sir this is a criminal proceeding, you could get jail time, community service. Mary Jo chronicled the painful break up in her 2009 book, 'Divorce Sucks: What to do when irreconcilable differences, lawyer fees, and when your ex's Hollywood wife make you miserable.

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