What ethnicity should you be dating

Certainly, as I argued in an earlier post, these findings suggest that we should continue to recognize how race and ethnicity, as well as other social factors, play into our sexualities.Some groups, particularly people of color, have access to smaller dating pools.In early October, OKCupid, an online dating website, released an analysis of racial and ethnic differences in response rates. The OKCupid study assessed the responses of over one million site users.

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But as it turns out, they’re heaving shovelfuls of statistical manure at you.If you would like to find a site by one of our popular categories such as Religious Dating, Ethnic Dating, or Senior Dating, see our complete list of reviews by clicking here or check out the Reviews section on the left. This page contains the latest news and articles on the dating industry for singles and information on any new additions or changes in our collection of Dating Sites reviews.To view a more refined list of ethnic dating sites, click on one of the specific categories below.Though any two people could be compatible, the study found some remarkable racial and ethnic dynamics: In a later post, OKCupid released findings from an analysis of their members who are lesbian, bisexual, or gay.It seems that some of the same patterns emerged among LGB people, but they were less prevalent.

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