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The specific objectives of our study are to (1) identify risks specific to USDWs and develop associated Probability Density Functions (PDFs), (2) quantify risks to USDWs by pressure/brine/CO: A key to making the ARAF truly effective is to identify which factors (processes, parameters, etc.) are most important with respect to adverse impacts on USDWs, and to achieve this we will use a case-study approach to test and evaluate the specific components with real data and results.

Thus, access to the field sites and associated data are assured.

Although the Gordon Creek Field is the primary site for analysis, we plan to include all three of these field sites in the EPA-sponsored Aquifer Risk Assessment Framework (ARAF) STAR project (Grant No. These three sites represent the three primary permutations of a CCS geologic site, to facilitate evaluation of different stages of risk analysis and framework development.

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