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Other major resource activities supported by the town include the offshore natural gas fields, salt, manganese, and livestock.

Grazing of cattle and sheep was formerly a major revenue earner for the region but this has slowly declined.

As the largest Chamber of Commerce in the Pilbara, and one of the most dynamic and fastest growing Chambers in the entire state, we provide unparalleled service to our members and to the wider business community.

Every business can reap the benefits of being a member of the Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce.

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Port Hedland has a natural deep anchorage harbour which, as well as being the main fuel and container receival point for the region, was seen as perfect for shipment of the iron ore being mined in the ranges located inland from the town.

The Pilbara region in Western Australia has some of the world’s most ancient natural landscapes, dating back two billion years and stretching over 500,000 square kilometres.

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Port Hedland was also formerly the terminus for the WAGR Marble Bar Railway which serviced the gold mining area of Marble Bar.

Located between Port Hedland and South Hedland are the large salt hills of Dampier Salt, a subsidiary of Rio Tinto.

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